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Use a shower tent and keep yourself clean while enjoying the great outdoors. A portable shower is the perfect outdoor camping shower.

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How They Work

Do they work well? Oh yes! They can get extremely hot if left out in the sun for only 2 hours. The water gets hot enough to really burn your skin, so be careful!

On a cloudy day the water won’t get as hot, but just add a few cups of boiling water from your camp stove into the bag with some water from the stream and you’ll have yourself a nice comfortable shower.

People absolutely love having a portable camping shower!

What’s the process? It’s simple really. The bag that holds the water is made to absorb all the rays the sun can throw at it. The bag is usually black for this purpose. The water heats up as easily as that!

Shower use in State and Federal Parks and Forests

Public campgrounds usually consider solar shower water as waste water or gray water. Special filtration systems have to be installed to ensure that soap and other chemicals do not leach into the environment. For that reason you mustn’t let your shower water hit the ground.

Simply bring a large tub to stand in and when you’re through just dump your water at the dump station. It’s a little more work, but totally worth it when you think about all the damage campers and hikers can do if everyone just used their solar camping shower to rinse off their Pantene ProV on the ground!

The Rangers will be around to check that the policies are being followed.

What to watch out for

Be extra careful if you get a portable shower stall for camping that has the plastic poles. These tend to break more easily.

IF you want to make sure you get a long lasting durable camping shower enclosure, then go for the ones with steal/metal poles.When your shipment arrives, check all parts to make sure everything is in working order and even test it out in the yard before you commit to a camping trip with your new shower tent.

It wouldn’t be fun to arrive at the campsite and then find out that your outdoor camping shower isn’t working.

Looking for something lightweight?

A solar shower bag is the perfect option when backpacking in the wilderness or for those who simply like to pack light! It’s a simple bag that you can hang from a tree for an hour to heat up while you make breakfast. A piping hot shower awaits you after some piping hot oatmeal!

Should you get one?

If you or someone in your group just can’t rest easily without washing the dirt and grime from the day off, then a solar shower stall is certainly something to consider.

The portable shower enclosure can double as a potty room too. Just stick your camp toilet in there and the little ones can go nearby, which makes family camping much easier.

It can be a changing room as well. Sometimes it’s hard to get dressed in a cramped tent when you’re doubled over. A portable shower stall can provide some stand up privacy.

These are a few reasons to support having an easy camp shower.

If backpacking long distances for extended periods of time, a large camping tent shower is not recommended. Try a solar shower bag or just go el naturel!

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