Best Backpacking Boots

Finding the best backpacking boots can be challenging because there are simply just so many out there! It’s critical to read a few hiking boots reviews to get an idea of what other consumers think.

best backpacking boots

Through a lot of research scouring the web for countless hiking boot reviews, the best backpacking boots have been narrowed down to a list of the Top 11 Brands

They are in no particular order. But first, some details about the list...

Why Brand Design is Important

best backpacking boots

Each separate brand will generally focus on a specific design aspect, whether it is extreme comfort, performance, lightweight, or any other hiking boot specification. Then the manufacturers will ultra enhance that design trait.

So it depends on which boot characteristic you value more to determine what would be the best backpacking boot for you.

Before you start looking for a pair of boots that you’ll love. Knowing some boot fitting tips will certainly go a long way.

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Specifications: An Important Factor

Boot specifications. This is important because you have to get the right kind of boot for the kind of hiking or backpacking you plan on doing.

If you anticipate being someplace where you will encounter a lot of stream crossings or muddy trails, then a boot that is 100% waterproof (like, goretex ) would be something for you to consider very strongly.

Maybe you already have problems with painful and sore feet so you’ll need a boot that specifies extra cushion or support (check out Keen for that).

Get the specifications and fit right and you can knock out that 30 mile AT hike that you so desperately want to do with no foot pain at all! best gaitors

Most people have their boots for many years and take them all over the country or even world on backpacking trips. It's wise to assume that the best backpacking boots will be great all around boots too.

Remember, boots are the most important piece of backpacking gear you’ll get. So be picky and don’t be afraid to spend a few pennies if you have it. You’ll be grateful you did.

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About the Top 11 Brands

All of the boot brands listed below make excellent all around, good in any condition, boots, but they just have some extra “umph” in that enhanced design trait that I was telling you about earlier.

If you’re using the internet to purchase your boots, make sure you read the online boot buying tips and save yourself any hassle that comes with purchasing such a “Needs to fit, no room for errors” type of product online.

Browse the backpacking boot brands below to learn more and find the hiking boots that you’ll enjoy for years to come:

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